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The Stevenson Way

At Stevenson, we have created a robust culture for all University members-faculty, staff, and students and their parents alike-by sharing and perpetuating our four values: community, learning, integrity, and excellence. These values comprise the Stevenson Way.

Promoting a Sense of Community: Stevenson's values are primarily manifested through the existence of a community because it is only through the sharing of values that a community is formed. Without the direct engagement of faculty and staff, no community will be formed. By demonstrating and promoting community, each person inspires others to do the same. A sense of community is generated throughout numerous annual events, from cultural and athletic to academic and social, including sporting contests, Convocation, Commencement, and happy hours.

Fostering Learning: At Stevenson, learning is, by necessity, at the heart of the University's culture, and the student must always be at the center of the learning process. Learning involves sharing not only facts and information but also meaning and distinctions. Community members constantly strive to grow so that they can impart what they have learned. Effective teaching is necessary for Stevenson to meet its goals--not just inside the classroom through theory, but outside through mentoring and practice. Every moment at Stevenson can be a teachable one for those who embrace this value.

Instilling Integrity: Integrity drives the ability to influence others and transform the world. Without authenticity, integrity is a word, not a value. To remain authentic, people need to be just as willing to offer positive feedback as to admit their own mistakes. "Honesty" is another key word to use in examining the value of integrity. Only by being honest in all endeavors—whether personal, with others, and in the work done inside and outside the classroom--can a person truly maintain integrity. Both our ability to shape the learning process and our value to the community are based on the authenticity that springs from our integrity.

Achieving Excellence: Stevenson's quest for excellence creates a sense of energy throughout the community. Being effective teachers and leaders, much less making an impact on the world, requires a commitment to striving toward being the best in all efforts. Achieving excellence strengthens character and can motivate others to share the University's promise to impart a career-driven, liberal arts oriented education. To deliver this end result, all community members must be committed to promoting the principles of education, diversity, and practical experience. Stevenson encourages excellence by illustrating examples and recognizing outcomes.

About Stevenson University

A University On The Move
Stevenson University is the third-largest independent university in the state of Maryland with more than 4,100 students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and adult undergraduate degrees at two campus locations in Stevenson and Owings Mills. Stevenson has seven Schools: the Howard S. Brown School of Business and Leadership, the School of Design, the School of Education, the Sandra R. Berman School of Nursing and Health Professions, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences, and the School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

The University imbues its emphasis on career throughout the educational experience, from coursework to experiential learning. In addition to providing students with a quality liberal arts education, the University also stays true to its tagline, "Imagine Your Future. Design Your Career." Stevenson graduates gain the knowledge and skills that they can apply to not just their first job or graduate course but also carry with them throughout their lives. This promise is made explicit through the Career ArchitectureSM model, which carefully mentors students through a process of learning who they are within a framework of theory, practice, and mentoring. Stevenson has historically high job and graduate school placement rates for its students, helping them find success by starting their careers or by entering graduate school for continuing their education. In 2013, the Maryland Career Development Association (MCDA) recognized the impact of the Career Architecture process by awarding Stevenson with its annual MCDA Organizational Career Planning Award. This award recognizes an institution that has developed an excellent program for career development within the organization.

Campus Overview
Stevenson University has two beautiful campuses located in suburban Baltimore in Stevenson and Owings Mills, Md. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors have the best of both worlds—the history and beauty of a rural campus (the Greenspring campus) and the convenience and liveliness of a more urban location (the Owings Mills campus). Classes are held on both campuses and the University provides a free shuttle service that runs between locations throughout the day and into the evening.

Stevenson’s founding campus, the Greenspring campus, is in the scenic Greenspring Valley. Although surrounded by horse farms and estate homes, the 60-acre wooded campus is just 12 miles from downtown Baltimore. Home to the University’s administration, library, University Archives, art galleries, the Menning Meditation Center and Labyrinth, and the 330-seat Inscape Theatre, the Greenspring campus is one of the academic hubs of the University community.

Located just six miles (and about 12 minutes) from the Greenspring campus, the Owings Mills campus has 13 residential buildings; classrooms and study lounges; the 10,000-squarefoot Ratcliffe Community Center; Caves Sports and Wellness Center; Owings Mills Gymnasium; Mustang Stadium; the School of Graduate and Professional Studies; and the Howard S. Brown School of Business and Leadership. The Owings Mills campus also includes the Rockland Center, which offers a variety of dining options as well as event and meeting areas for gatherings of student organizations. The Brown School of Business and Leadership houses a library.

Adjacent to the main Owings Mills campus is Owings Mills North, home to the Sandra R. Berman School of Nursing and Health Professions, the Beverly K. Fine School of the Sciences, and the School of Design. This part of campus includes the Kevin J. Manning Academic Center, which at 200,000 square feet is the University’s largest academic space. Inside the center are the Learning Commons, an innovative library area open to all students and faculty, and the University’s fourth art gallery.


Benefits You Can Count On
At Stevenson, taking care of our faculty and staff extends far beyond distributing a paycheck every two weeks. We take a great amount of pride in ensuring that you and your family are protected from life's daily hurdles.

Medical Benefits
Our medical plan, provided by Cigna Healthcare, is an Open Access Plan (OAP) that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Coverage includes preventive services; office visits, labs, and testing; emergency and urgent care; hospitalization; hospital alternatives; and prescription drugs.

Stevenson's dental plan, through MetLife, covers four main types of expenses:

Preventive and diagnostic care (e.g. routine exams and cleanings)
Basic treatment (e.g. simple fillings and extractions)
Major treatment (e.g. crowns and dentures)
Orthodontia benefit for children

This voluntary benefit covers an annual eye exam and corrective eyewear. Our vision plan provides savings on eyewear such as anti-reflective coatings, edge polishes, high-index lenses, photochromatic lenses, polarized lenses, progressive lenses, and UV protection.

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